Explore some of the richest and most diverse marine habitats on the planet with a stay at Misool Resort in Raja Ampat. Located on an idyllic island in the far fringes of Indonesia, Misool is a paradise brimming with pristine coral reefs and more exotic marine life that you possibly count on a single trip. The resort is exceptionally comfortable and given its remote location you can relax and dive in absolute peace.

Expect healthy colorful reefs teeming with fish large and small, turtles, reef sharks, and a variety of smaller critters. We will also dive around manta cleaning stations looking for these gentle giants. Misool is one of the few places in the world where you can encounter both species of manta ray on a single dive.

Sharks in front of the Misool resort restaurant

Raja Ampat is the pinnacle of marine life diversity. At its most recent count in 2011, the region of Raja Ampat was recognized to contain 1427 reef fishes, over 600 coral species (75% of the world’s coral species can be found here), not to mention the pelagic life that is abundant in the area.

Because of the amazing conservation efforts taken on by the resort, Misool in particular has had a massive surge in the marine life’s population and you can witness it on the doorsteps of the resort with their naturally occurring blacktip reef shark nursery.

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Additional information

Duration14 nights
MonthJan, Feb, Mar
Max Group Size24 People
Misool snorkel safari map
*Kindly note that this is just a sample itinerary. All of our Safari Tours can be tailor-made to fit everyone’s individual schedules.

Day 1 - Arrive in Jakarta

Upon arrival at Jakarta International Airport (CGK) make your way to the Jakarta Terminal Hotel at terminal 2E. Check-in a relax before your night-flight to Sorong.

Day 2 - Transfer to Misool Resort

Upon arrival into Sorong, you will be met by Misool staff and transferred to the pier where we will board our boat to Misool. The boat ride can take 4 hours, but the boat is very spacious with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating as well as a western-style marine toilet. We will of course be served snacks and drinks on board. The beauty of this region is breathtaking above and below the water, so this transfer provides a great opportunity to see the beautiful islands jutting out from the bright blue waters.
Upon arrival at the resort you check in to our bungalows, have lunch and an orientation, with the option of joining an afternoon dive before dinner.
Meals at Misool are served in the beautiful outdoor restaurant set over the water, with stunning views of the North Lagoon. All meals are served ala-carte with the exception of the light breakfast and tea which are more buffet style. The afternoon tea is served with your choice of baked goods, savory and sweet! The resort has a hydroponics lab that grows much of the ingredients we will eat right there. Other products are sourced from nearby local villages.
Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

Day 3 - 10 - Diving from Misool Resort

Your days here will start with a delicious light buffet breakfast, followed by a morning dive, and then your big breakfast back at the resort. On those days where the dive sites are closer to the resort you will return to the resort after each dive for your meals. There will be days where the dives take place a bit further away, in which case you will stay out for two dives and the crew will prepare either breakfast or afternoon tea on a beautiful beach. You will then return to the resort for lunch and dinner.
underwater photographer over soft coral and fish
Most of the sites are between 10 and 30 minutes from the resort.
We will also have plenty of opportunities to dive the expansive and healthy house reef, arguably one of the best in the world. Also, night dives can be organized for most nights where you’ll have the opportunity to see unique creatures including eels, walking sharks, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, crabs, shrimps…. the list is long.
Afternoons and evenings-when not diving-can be enjoyed at the bar with a soft drink or beer, looking at fish ID books or photos, paddleboarding or kayaking around the different islands, or just reminiscing about all the fabulous things encountered each day.
two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows

Day 11 - Transfer to Sorong and overnight

After breakfast you will check out and transfer back to Sorong where you’ll spend a relaxing evening at the Swiss Belhotel, in anticipation of our early morning flight to Bali the following day.
Misool resort and their large transfer boat

One of the world’s most remote dive resorts – Misool Resort is neatly located on its own private island. The Water Cottages and villas on the North side of the lagoon rise on stilts over a tranquil lagoon, shaded by limestone cliffs – each one with a set of steps that lead you into the water and the house reef which is just a few fin strokes away.

two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows

The restaurant located on the north lagoon and is set back from a white sand beach and serves up a variety of western and Indonesian treats throughout the day. Just in front of the restaurant is a blacktip reef shark nursery and sea turtle feeding ground, so as you eat you can watch turtles munch away at the shallow seagrass while sharks pass just beneath where you’re sat.

panorama of misool resort's rooms and balcony

The villas on the south side of the lagoon are set on a sandy beach (and a couple nestled in the trees). At the end of a day’s diving you can kick back in a built-in hammock for sunsets and stargazing.

Misool Resort Map

Resort Guide

Misool Resort Dive Boat

Spacious fiberglass speedboats with enough room to easily store dive gear and camera equipment. The boats do not have a toilet on board but do offer a full canopy for sun protection and a ladder to help exit the water. Distances from the resort average five to twenty-five minutes.

aerial view of misool resort
two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows
school of bat fish and manta ray
underwater reef scene with landscape above visible
Sharks in front of the Misool resort restaurant
Aerial view of misool resort
school a chevron barracuda
denise pigmy seahorse
two juvenile batfish on the surface
hawksbill turtle looking into camera lens
Reef manta cleaning on reef
a school of fusileers making a wave shape
diver with coral reef
guest being massaged over a coral reef
diver with napoleon wrasse
blacktip reef shark swimming through a school of fish
tornado of jack fish over coral reef
diver in underwater tunnel
anemone fish with eggs
diver with octopus
school of jack fish with manta ray
mobula rays huntig a school of fish on the reef
mantas feeding on the surface
Misool resort at Night
Misool resort's lunch being served
snorkeler surrounded by baby sharks