Journey to this remote corner of Indonesia and dive some of the most pristine reefs found anywhere in the world. We have been visiting Alor for many years and it continues to be one of our most exciting and popular locations! Situated in the heart of the “Coral Triangle” you can expect to drift past and over seemingly endless sloping reefs and walls that are completely carpeted with an unreal variety of hard and soft corals, sponges, and sea fans. The Alor area also plays host to some larger pelagic residents such as schooling hammerheads and mola-mola with the right moon phase, the occasional thresher shark, and of course big schools of fish. Alor is not just a place for big fish and beautiful reefs, it also has some truly world-class muck diving where rhynopias, frogfish, ghost pipefish, and a surreal amount of nudibranchs are regularly spotted. If that’s not enough, blue whales are often seen from the dive boats at certain times of the year as well as residential pods of dolphins and melon head whales, which come together from time to time to form an awe-inspiring superpod!

We base ourselves on the secluded island of Alor with the area’s premier dive resort, Alami Alor. At this well-established boutique dive resort we will have nearly exclusive access to the areas best reefs and critter sites, not to mention unlimited access to Alami’s house reef which offers a mix of coral and outstanding critters- including a residential colony of mandarine fish just a few feet from the jetty.

Private boat trips and small groups take you to the most outstanding dive sitess in the area, exotic marine life is guaranteed with your stay backed up with the comforts of a beautiful resort in complete seclusion.

This is an ideal tour for those who are very keen photographers as the area is not only highly photogenic, but the resort is well set up for people with large cameras with their spacious and well-equipped camera room.

Marine Life GuideAlor Marine life guide

Additional information

Duration9 nights
MonthMar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Max Group Size12 People

Alor snorkel safari itinerary map

*Kindly note that this is just a sample itinerary. All of our Safari Tours can be tailor-made to fit everyone’s individual schedules.

Day 1 - Arrive in Jakarta

Arrive at Jakarta International Airport (CGK). Make your way to the Jakarta Airport Hotel, located at Terminal 2E International Arrivals terminal. Check-in is available from 2pm. Relax and recuperate from your long journey.

Day 2 - Travel to Alami Alor Resort

Check in for your flight to Alor Airport (ARD) where you will be met by an Alami Alor representative and transferred by car to the resort, about 45 – 60 minutes away.
Once at the resort, you will be shown to your room and given an orientation and safety briefing, along with lunch.Alami Alor Resort
Time and interest dependent, you will have the opportunity to join an afternoon dive on one of the many local sites or on the resort’s house reef to help you get to know it a little, so you and a buddy may dive there at your leisure later on. The house reef is accessed from the resort’s jetty, and there will always be surface support and lookouts while you are in the water.

Day 3 - 9 - Dive from Alami Alor Resort

The days at the resort will start with breakfast, made to order, served with fresh coffee, coconut water, and hibiscus iced tea. Thereafter the first boat dive session of the day, with local guides who will point out and identify interesting marine creatures. The morning dive session will include two dives on different sites with each dive lasting 60-70 minutes. The resort has two fiberglass speedboats, and the group will be split so that there are 6 people per boat. Sites are within 10 – 30 minutes from the resort.Diamond spadefish below jetty in Alor
Each day you will return to the resort for lunch followed by an afternoon dive by boat too. You have access to the house reef, which is great to explore. Night and sunset dives to see the mandarine fish mating ritual and all the other cool critters that come out at night can also be scheduled.
All meals are served at a long table, and are served in large bowls, like a mini buffet, from which each person dishes their own portion. This is known in Indonesia as “family style” meals. The food is all prepared by excellent local cooks with locally sourced ingredients, and you will have the opportunity to experience some of Indonesia’s finest dishes here.
Alami Alor Resort's dining room
Fresh bread and cookies, desserts, and cakes are baked daily, and there is a tea and coffee-making station with fruits and snacks available throughout the day too.
A selection of soft drinks, wine, beer, and cocktails are available every evening and are charged to your account.

Day 10 - Departure day

After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport for your flight back to Jakarta, where the tour ends. Onward extensions can be arranged with our travel team or international departure. Please check with our travel team before booking any international flights for this tour.

Alami Alor is an intimate resort with 14 guests maximum giving it a very personal feel. It is situated on a remote and quiet bay and combines luxury accommodation with delicious locally inspired food. Your bungalow sits on the waterfront.

Alami Alor Bungalows

The bedroom is air-conditioned, and there is an open-air garden bathroom. There is plenty of outdoor seating, with hammocks and loungers. There is also a dedicated camera room.

Alami Alor Resort Bungalows

Resort Guide

Alami Alor Dive Boats

Alami Alor speedboats side by side

Spacious fiberglass speedboats with enough room to easily store dive equipment and cameras. The boats do not have a toilet on board but do offer a full canopy for sun protection and a ladder to help exit the water. Distances from the resort are short, maximum 30 minutes but typically 10-20 minutes.

    diver filming a mola mola on the surface
    Diamond spadefish below jetty in Alor
    Alami Alor Resort
    Local children in Alor
    diver filming a mola mola on the surface
    Snorkel Venture guest group photo in Alor village
    diver photographing giant cuttlefish
    Giant frogfish on jetty in Alor
    Coral reef below jetty in Alor
    diver with a school of eagle rays
    pink rhynopias
    Alami Alor Resort
    Alami Alor Resort Camera Room
    Aerial view of super pod of dolphins
    Alami Alor Resort Bungalows
    Aerial view of Blue Whale
    Snorkel Venture guest group photo