diver filming a mola mola on the surface


Head off the beaten path to remote eastern Indonesia in search of pristine reefs and diverse marine life.
large school of reef above colorful soft coral

Alor & Komodo Safari

Two of Indonesia's premier diving destinations, combined into one amazing experience.
Green sea turtle sleeping on reef

Borneo & Sulawesi Dive Safari

Wildlife galore on this overland safari through the heart of Indonesia.
two batfish beneath island

Epic Indonesia Safari | Alor-Komodo-Wakatobi-Bali-Misool

The ultimate Indonesia Safari featuring the regions premier diving sites.
many manta rays


Classic Komodo tour featuring all the highlights, one of our best for manta ray sightings.
two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows

Misool & Wakatobi Safari

Arguably two of Indonesia's finest diving destinations combined into one complete tour, our Misool & Wakatobi Safari is a once in a lifetime experience spread over 18 full days of adventure.
coralia liveaboard with sails up and crew

Raja Ampat by Liveaboard – Coralia

Safari through the islands of remote Raja Ampat in search of some of the world's finest snorkeling.
Amira Liveaboard sailing

Raja Ampat Dive Safari | Amira Liveaboard

Safari through the islands of remote Raja Ampat in search of some of the world's finest snorkeling.
cuttle fish with mangroves and blue sky above

Raja Ampat with Papua Explorers

This is an extraordinary dive safari where you'll be able to explore one of the world's most iconic tropical dive destinations, Raja Ampat. You'll spend 7 nights based at the stunning Papua Explorers Resort, located in the heart of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Within just a few minutes of the resort is a range of dive sites that play host to some of the most diverse marine habitats found anywhere on the planet. Expect truly pristine coral gardens packed with hard and soft corals that carpet the island slopes all the way up to the surface. Masses of fish life explode from the reefs with good chances of swimming next to bigger fish such as manta rays, reef sharks, and schools of barracuda and jacks. Of course, the area is also famous for its smaller inhabitants as well, like various species of pigmy seahorses, nudibranchs, blue-ring octopus, and so much more! This tour has the perfect combinations of marine life big and small, magnificent reefs at all depths, and a world-class dive resort catering to your every need. Marine Life Guide

Sulawesi & Raja Ampat Dive Safari

Journey through two of Indonesia's premier snorkeling destinations with this amazing safari style tour.
Snorkeler photographing whale shark

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat Safari

Amazing whaleshark encounters combined with the world's richest reefs in remote Indonesia.
Wakatobi Snorkel Boat

Wakatobi Snorkel Week

Rich, vibrant coral reefs in clear blue waters of remote Indonesia.