Our passion for snorkeling has led us to base our entire business around the sport. We learnt to snorkel as young kids, exploring the sandy bottoms of beaches and even pulling on a mask and snorkel to swim around swimming pools.

Snorkels have been used by humans for hundreds of years, using reeds to help breathe underwater primarily for fishing, the technique was then used for exploring and having fun.

Snorkel Venture has been a natural progression from a marine-based travel business which is over 10 years in the making.

The reason why?

We strongly believe that snorkeling can change a person’s life.

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The benefits attached to snorkeling are tremendous, it’s a great tool for stress relief, physical fitness and general happiness. There is nothing better than being able to swim amongst the exotic underwater world, calmly taking in sights and feelings never experienced before.

At Snorkel Venture we set out on a quest to promote and arrange our own snorkeling holidays to the worlds very best destinations. Our ethos is simple: to inspire people of all ages and capabilities to go out there and experience extraordinary snorkeling, backed up with the comfort, expertise and safety of a travel company who has been there and done it for themselves.

Every snorkel destination in the world is different, offering up a bounty of marine life all colors of the rainbow. We combine exotic marine life with beautiful destinations, warm temperatures and excellent accommodation.

We have a full range of vacations ready and waiting to change your life, for the better.

Start your own snorkelling adventure with us today, to discover something amazing and to realize the health benefits of this wonderful sport.

Sulawesi is a large and varied island in the north of Indonesia. The international airport in Manado makes this island accessible and relatively developed.

Snorkeling Sulawesi offers spectacular healthy reefs, abundant with turtles, schooling fish, soft corals of various colors and species and generally clear calm waters.


Sulawesi offers opportunities to explore and combine stunning highland jungle treks, volcanic crater lake visits and incredible wildlife viewing, with interesting cultural interactions and stunning offshore islands.

These islands are the real snorkeler’s paradise. Stunning white sand beaches surrounding the small green islands provide incredible views, while the waters are full of various tropical fish species and healthy corals.

To the North, Bunaken National Park offers some of the healthiest reefs in Indonesia. Known for its abundance of soft corals, snorkeling Bunaken should be on every snorkelers bucket list. This area also has a large resident turtle population and one can reasonably expect to see these animals almost every time one enters the water.

This is considered some of the best Snorkeling in Indonesia.

The islands of Siladen, Gangga, Manado Tua and Bangka provide secluded bays perfect for snorkeling and enjoying a quite lunch or surface break.

Black crested macaque monkey

We love a few of the island resorts in this area, including Siladen Island Resort and Gangga Island Resort. We try to always include a few days in the Minhasa highlands of Sulawesi where there is a lot to explore, like Tangkoko National Park, Linow Lake (a colourful sulphuric lake which is quite a spectacle) and Mount Mahawu, a dormant volcano offering s lovely walk and stunning views from the crater rim.