Traveling to east Indonesia’s Komodo Islands is one of the best places on the planet to snorkel. It’s not only the quality of the reefs – pristine in nature with a huge variety and explosion of colour – or for the countless number of marine species that can be found at every turn. Komodo dragons inhabit the biggest island in the National Park and on top of that high quality and very comfortable accommodation can be found at the most idyllic of spots. Snorkelling Komodo is a dream.

Manta rays congregating in Komodo National Park

You can visit Komodo Island at most times of the year, however, we think September to November is perfect when Manta Rays (as many as 30) can be spotted at some of the snorkel sites, there a fewer tourists and the weather is warm (25degrees C on average), rare chances of rainfall and calm water conditions.

colorful reef and reef fish

There are too many snorkel sites to know where to begin. House reefs from our favourite resorts are the perfect start, but moving onto an incredibly diverse range of sites which are all made by boat.

After your days snorkelling Komodo there is plenty to keep you occupied, from hiking to the summit of Padar Island (which is Komodo’s most iconic view), island hopping and day trips to trek with the Komodo dragons. This part of Indonesia also has a mirror cave which makes a great side excursion prior to your flight home.

Komodo Resort Rooms

The combination of quality accommodation, extraordinary marine viewing opportunities, stunning landscapes and topside excursions make snorkelling Komodo one of our absolute favourites on the planet.