Privacy Policy

Why do we have this policy? 

At Dive Safari Asia we respect the personal information we hold about our clients and we take  the security of that information very seriously. This policy sets out the sort of information we ask for, why we ask for it, and how we use it. 

What information do we collect about you and why? 

∙ If you order a brochure or newsletter we will ask for your name, address and e-mail address.  This is so we can effectively e-mail or post out the requested items. 

∙ If you submit a holiday enquiry form we will ask for your name, telephone number and e-mail  address. This is so we can effectively respond to your request. 

∙ If you enter a competition or promotion we will ask for your name, address and e-mail  address. This is so we can run the competition effectively and let you know if you have won  or allow you to participate in the promotion. If we would like to use the personal data you  have provided for any purpose in addition to the specific competition or promotion, we will  make this clear and seek your specific consent to this. 

∙ If you want to make a booking with us, we will ask for the personal information of all persons  travelling. This is likely to include the personal data set out above. This is required so that we  can make and provide your holiday arrangements. 

∙ If you submit a CV to us, we will ask for your name and email address in order to effectively  respond to your application 

∙ If you submit feedback to us, we will ask for your name and email address in order to  effectively respond to your feedback. 

How do we collect personal information? 

You may volunteer this information when you request information from us, contact us (and  vice versa), make a booking, register interest for and/or enter a competition, subscribe to one  of our newsletters, use our website(s)/apps, link to or from our website(s)/apps, connect with  us via social media, by speaking to a consultant in-store or any other engagement we or our  business partners have with you. 

We will update your information whenever we can to keep it current, accurate and complete. 

You represent and warrant to us that you have obtained all required consents and are fully  authorized to disclose all personal information you provide to us including without limitation  personal information of your friends and family members provided in connection with making  travel bookings. 

How long do we keep your personal information for? 

We will only hold your personal information for such time as is reasonably necessary to carry  out the services we have agreed to provide you with, to satisfy any legal & tax requirements, 

and also to service our relationship with you as a tour operator providing bespoke travel  arrangements. 

Trans-Border Data Flows 

When you provide, or otherwise allow us to collect, your personal information, you consent  to your personal information being disclosed to relevant related overseas entities and third  party overseas recipients, as set out below.  

In providing our services to you, it may be necessary for us to disclose personal information  to relevant overseas entities. For instance, we may need to disclose personal information to  our related overseas entities in order to respond to your enquiry. We may also need to  disclose personal information to overseas recipients other than our related overseas entities  (third party overseas recipients), such as relevant overseas travel service providers for the  purpose of arranging your booking with them.  

Where we disclose your personal information to a third party overseas recipient, your  personal information will generally be received in the country in which the recipient will  provide the services to you or in which their business is based. Unless otherwise  contemplated herein or otherwise permitted or required by applicable law, we will only  disclose your personal information to these overseas recipients in connection with facilitation  of your travel booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical  services by them on our behalf.  

We deal with many different service providers all over the world, so it is not possible for us  to set out in this Policy all of the different countries to which we may send your personal  information. However, if you have any specific questions about where or to whom your  personal information will be sent, please contact us in writing using the contact details below. 

What are your rights? 

At any time you have the following rights and on giving us the appropriate notice you are  entitled to: 

(i) request a copy of the personal information that we hold; 

(ii) request that your personal information be corrected where inaccurate or incomplete; 

(iii) request that your personal information be deleted, or that we stop using your personal  information where it is no longer necessary (the right to be forgotten); 

(iv) request that we stop sending you direct marketing communications. Alternatively you can  always opt out of receiving our monthly newsletter by using the unsubscribe button at the  bottom of the newsletter. 

What about the use of cookies and third party websites? 

Our website, like many similar websites, uses cookies which are small files that are placed on  your device by our website in order to collect information about your visit and to remember 

you when you return to our site. These cookies are intended to enhance your experience  when visiting, or revisiting, our website – for example by helping you find the right sort of tour,  or holiday, that you are looking for. 

The cookies we use are ‘analytical’ cookies and, as well as ensuring that our website offers  the best possible service to you, they also allow us to recognise and count the number of  visitors to our website and to see how visitors move around the site when they’re using it. All  of which is incredibly useful for understanding what visitors require from us and ultimately  for improving the functionality of our website. 

Please note that by using our website you consent to our use of cookies. However please also  note that our cookie software does not collect personal information such as your name,  address or email, and at any time you can remove these cookies from your device by changing  the settings in your web browser. 

From time to time we may also work with third parties, or social media platforms, who will  collect non personal information (such as an IP address) to analyse website visits. In the  course of doing so, these third parties may place their own cookies on your device so that  they can collect information about your visit. Again you can remove or disable any such  cookies through the settings on your web browser. 

Our website may contain links to third party websites that are not covered by this Privacy  Policy. If you do click through to these websites, using the links provided, the owners of these  sites may collect information from you that will be used by them in accordance with their own  privacy policy, which may well differ from ours. It is your responsibility to check the privacy  policy of these sites before using them. 

When was this policy last updated? 

This Privacy Policy was last updated in May 2018. Any changes to this Policy will be posted on  our website and / or made available on request. 

How can you contact us? 

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or the personal information we hold, you  can get in contact with us as follows: 

∙ By phone: 0117 369 0443 

∙ By email:  

∙ By mail: 4.6 Paintworks | Bath Road | Bristol | BS4 3EH