Whilst Snorkel Venture was officially launched in 2018, it’s been 17 years in the making. Here’s the story of how we became to be here.

2005. We (Ben, Sarah and Bernita) meet at a dive school in Malaysia. Living a nomadic lifestyle as dive and snorkel guides throughout Asia, we spend much of the following 5 years together working in dive resorts throughout Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia. Previously Ben and Sarah worked in Fiji, Egypt, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. Over this period we amass a good 10,000 dives between us. Ben (centre), Sarah (right), Bernita (far right)

2008. Our idea of a dive tours company is born. We name it Dive Safari Asia and welcome our first guests for a remote dive & overland tour of northern Sumatra. The tour gets interest from the international press as it becomes the first travel company to offer access to the region. The BBC come to interview Ben and the tour is first named as The Guardian Travels ‘Ten Best Diving Adventures’. UK’s top selling scuba magazine DIVER send a journalist to review the trip.

2013. Dive Safari Asia continues to grow with very little marketing. Ben & Sarah run the company from various locations across Asia (read about that also in the Guardian). More and more divers catch word of mouth that we know a thing or two about diving in Asia. Soon a better internet connection is required to deal with the enquiries so we return to the UK to set up office and home

2016. Dive Safari Asia becomes a leading brand on the UK dive travel scene. Maggie joins as a tour guide and Bernita as operations manager, our range of destinations offered expands across the Asia Pacific region from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines to Palau & Papua New Guinea. Ben meets a snorkeling couple in Raja Ampat on a dive boat and discusses their annoyances at having to be taken to a site not suitable and a new idea is born.

2018. Snorkel Venture is launched with a dedicated website and range of exclusive group tours across the globe. Charlie & Crystal join the team as destination specialists.

Our range of snorkeling experiences include island hopping tours in Indonesia, freediving & photography workshops and liveaboard charters.

2019. Alex joins the team as our dedicated videographer and photo specialist. Our team of guides expands and now includes Maggie, Paul ‘Duxy’, Emma, Gill and Dalton.

Our team of guides continues to search for new destinations with exploratory trips to French Polynesia, Mexico and Triton Bay in Indonesia. .

The adventure continues – why not check out our 2019 highlights here.