Ben – Co Founder & Tea Boy

Where have you been? I left the UK in 2002 and worked as a dive and snorkel guide for 10 years in various parts of Asia, Central America and Africa.

What do you do? Aside from making lots of tea I oversee the operations of the company, whilst making the odd exploratory tour to check out a new location – most recently French Polynesia. I still love tour leading but having a young family makes things tricky.

Favorite Creature? Aside from my two children it has to be the characterful blenny. You see them everywhere, be sure to look out on the reef top darting over hard corals. Their comical expression makes me smile.

Sarah – Co Founder

Where have you been? I started my career as a diving instructor in Belize in 2002 before meeting Ben in Malaysia in 2005. I worked in Australia, Fiji and many parts of Asia before helping set up the company.

What do you do? I like working with numbers, so pretty much anything that involves figures is my department. I also like to take exploratory tours when they are required!

Favorite Creature? Like a lot of people I’m a big fan of sea slugs and nudibranchs – the colours and variations are always a delight to see on the reef.

Bernita – Destination Specialist & Tour Leader

Where have you been? I’m from Cape Town, but I met Ben and Sarah at a dive school in Malaysia in 2005 and we traveled a lot together. After my dive instructor course I worked in Philippines & Indonesia for many years. More recently I have snorkeled Belize, Palau and loads of other exciting places.

What do you do? I love leading tours and try and do 2-3 per year, if there’s a chance to explore a new area then my hand is always up! I also manage a lot of tours to Indonesia and worldwide destinations.

Favorite Creature? Bobtail Squid, because it looks like it wants to have its cheeks pinched.

Crystal – Destination Specialist & Tour Leader

Where have you been? Er…almost everywhere. I love to travel and explore new places. I did get settled in Philippines for 5 years where I headed up a dive and snorkel centre.

What do you do? I’ve led tours to Alor and Komodo recently and I’m also a destination specialist for those regions.

Favorite Creature? I love diving and snorkeling with manta rays, many of my most memorable encounters in the water has been with mantas.

Alex – Tour Leader & Videographer

Where have you been? Most recently I’ve been to Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Philippines, Raja Ampat – that was just early last year..shall I carry on? I also spent 5 years working for a liveaboard company in Indonesia.

What do you do? I lead a lot of the tours and pretty much all the photography and video work on the site is my own. I also run photo workshops.

Favourite Creature? Mimic Octopus – they are very smart and can adapt to look like lots of other marine life. They always put on a good show in the water.

Paul ‘Duxy’ – Tour Leader & Photo Pro

Where have you been? I was a dive guide in Egypt for many years and have worked for many different travel companies, leading tours all over the world.

What do you do? Lead as many tours as possible. I’m also a photo specialist and love helping people with their cameras, especially people who are just getting to grips with them. Meeting new people is something I really love about being on tour.

Favourite Creature? Somehow incredibly ugly and beautiful at the same time – the glorious Frogfish.

Gill – Tour Leader & Photo Pro

Where have you been? I currently live on the Cayman Islands where I run my own photography school. I’ve also spent many years as a photo pro for some well known Indonesia resorts.

What do you do? As a tour leader and photo pro I cover a lot of the Caribbean and Indonesian destinations.

Favorite Creature? I love shooting macro subjects so just about any of the little critters keeps me entertained.