What is Snorkeling and Why do we Love it?

What is snorkeling and why do we love it?

First let me approach the first part of the question…

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the act of swimming through or on the water while equipped with a mask and snorkel. The Mask allows one to see clearly underwater, and the snorkel (a special hollow tube with a mouth piece on the end) allows one to breath the surface air while keeping ones head down. Very often one will also don fins and temperature dependent, also a swim skin or wet-suit.

snorkelers floating above coral reef wall

Why do we love snorkeling?

Snorkeling requires no formal training so almost any one can do it. While we recommend that snorkelers be proficient swimmers, even those less confident in the water can wear a life vest or hold onto a flotation device.

Snorkeling allows people to glimpse the underwater world. Largely unexplored, the ocean, especially around the coastal areas, is full of life. The abundance and variety of color and creatures is simply staggering.

close up of whale shark and snorkeler

Snorkeling allows people to witness wildlife, in it’s natural habitat, much like going on safari does. Watching a turtle slowly chopping on some coral or sea grass, unfussed by the presence of a snorkeler is so special. Similarly, seeing a reef shark cruise by on an evening hunt, or a school of brightly colored fish move as a unified group, or even watching a small slug slowly moving over a rock, snorkeling opens a whole new world to us, otherwise terrestrial dwellers.

Snorkeling also opens up the world of travel in a whole new way. Places one has never really considered visiting before suddenly become must-sees. This often leads to fantastic adventures in previously overlooked corners of the earth, often on spectacular beaches, interesting cultures and fabulous food!

Aerial view of Nunukan Island and reef

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