Welcome to the New Snorkel Venture site!

Hello fellow snorkelers! We’re really excited to be releasing our new dedicated snorkeling site and we really hope you like the look and feel of it. Although the site is new, we’re not exactly new to this – our sister company Dive Safari Asia has been going for 8 years now and includes group travel to destinations across remote regions of the Asia-Pacific region. I’ve spent the last 18 years in and out of dive and snorkel operations across the globe. I must admit it’s taken some time for me to realize that snorkelers often get a poor deal when they travel – despite the fact that they are just as passionate as divers about the marine world – perhaps more so? All to often snorkelers are forced to join dive boats and snorkel sites which just aren’t that suitable. So around 18 months ago we thought about how we could change that. I hope you’ve noticed by now Snorkel Venture is exclusively for snorkelers – group travel for people who love snorkeling. Please have a good look around and check out some of the amazing tours we have created off the back of our many years experience snorkeling sites around the world. And for all the ideas, inspiration and tips you need – be sure to bookmark our inspiration page right here.All the best (snorkeling)

Ben Stokes

Co Founder