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We’ve always enjoyed the feel good factor about Wakatobi diving – the reefs are perfectly preserved, the colours are rich, and the waters are clear. A typical day is spent gently gliding along a reef wall in gloriously blue water surrounded by brightly coloured reef fish of all kind.
Take a moment to set your eyes on a small patch of reef and you’ll be faced with more types of hard and soft corals than you could possibly count – all of which is likely to be pristine and untouched, just as it has been for generations. Eagle rays often cruise the waters, whilst black and white tips can be seen patrolling the wall or reef flat. Topside Wakatobi is just as splendid – expect marvellous sunsets, picture perfect white sand beaches and swaying coconut palms.
The scope of Wakatobi diving is vast, we’ve been coming back here for a number of years but there’s still plenty to discover. Whether you choose resort or liveaboard the quality of diving will surely meet your expectations of this remote corner of Indonesia. Combine your time in Wakatobi with another region of Indonesia such as Bali or Komodo, to create a safari which features the highlights of above and below.

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