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Halmahera and Sulawesi

Taking our exploration of Indonesia, the center of the Coral Triangle, to new levels, we explore a little dived region of Halmahera, part of the Moluccas Islands chain. Here the clear waters are home to stunning abundant reefs, seldom dived due to lack of accessibility, many of which are still being discovered. We combine this stunning location with Northern Sulawesi, the where we can enjoy a mix of muck, macro and reef diving.

Diving in the Sali Island and Halmahera region is known for clear blue waters, pristine untouched reefs, schooling fish. Salibay is the only resort in the area, so besides for passing liveaboards, the region is un-dived, and we have the sites to ourselves most of the time. There are still loads of sites being discovered with varied topography including walls, coral slopes and muck diving.

We expect to see schools of mackarels, batfish, fusiliers and barracudas, as well as black tip reef sharks patrolling the area. The reef is alive with macro life including pygmy seahorses, unusual species of crabs and shrimps and spectacular lesser-potted nudis. The resort also has dolphins and pilot whales pass by regularly.

Diving in North Sulawesi offers stunning soft coral reefs and wall crop offs. One would expect loads of turtles and schooling reef fish like red tooth trigger fish and pyramid butterfly fish hanging off the walls as well as passing pelagics like tuna and occasional reef sharks. The water in this region is usually offers stunning vizability and calm conditions.

Lembeh Strait is synonymous with muck diving. Widely considered the best muck diving location in the world, there are no shortage of  exciting creatures to find lurking on the dark volcanic sandy bottom. One could reasonably expect to find several types of octopus, nudibranchs, frogfish and more. Some of the rarer creatures often spotted around here include hairy frogfish, blue ringed octopus, rhinopias to name a few.