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Cuba Diving by Liveaboard - Gardens of the Queen

Located 60 miles south of Cuba is the Jardines De La Reina (Gardens of the Queen) National Park. Encompassing a chain of 250 pristine coral and mangrove islands it's widely considered to offer the healthiest reefs found anywhere in the Caribbean alongside abundant populations of shark species.

Underwater topography ranges from fringing corals reefs to seagrass beds which play host to a diverse range of marine life from large pelagics to small colourful reef fish and critters. The vibrant reefs are characterized by fields of soft corals and Gorgonian fans. Marine life highlights include enormous huge Goliath Grouper, schooling snapper and beautiful angelfish. We should encounter sharks during the safari as well as eagle rays and Hawksbill turtles.

Diving in Cuba by liveaboard is an outstanding opportunity to experience the country at it's best.

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