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Explore the Coral Triangle with us. Hang out above majestic manta rays, glide over virgin reefs, drift around remote lagoons – we think snorkelling can be every bit as rewarding as Scuba Diving. Over the last 15 years of exploration across the continent we’ve discovered a range of snorkelling sites that will get you closer to the action. These carefully selected sites offer access to some of the richest marine habitats found anywhere on the planet.
We also understand that snorkelers are all too often paired up with dive boats and end up in locations that don’t offer the best possible experience, that’s why our snorkelling safaris are designed exclusively for the snorkeler.
Get up close to whale sharks in West Papua, explore a non stinging jelly fish lake in eastern Borneo, night snorkel over a reef in the Philippines or take a liveaboard yacht safari escorted by a marine biologist. We’ll explore a variety of topographical locations enroute from plunging walls to shallow coral gardens and blue water sites in search of big fish. Each guide led tour taking you to a number of destinations spread across the coral triangle.
Finally we take time to explore the regions topside highlights. From trekking to see Komodo Dragons to wildlife experiences in the rainforest and remote beach BBQ’s set below the stars. Within each tour we can even tailor your holiday so you get the balance of snorkelling and land tours to suit you.
– Small groups – Maximum 16 guests
– Fully escorted by experienced member of the Snorkel Safari Asia team
– Exclusively for snorkellers, all ages, all experience levels welcome
– Premier snorkelling sites spread across the Coral Triangle
– All meals, activities, accommodation and excursions included

‘Just because you’re not a diver it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the very best of what the underwater world has to offer. I was lucky to spend 10 years as a dive guide in Asia and during that time I discovered many sites that were ideal for snorkelling. I’m talking about magnificent reefs packed with life in only a few meters of water, places where manta rays feed in the shallows and secluded lagoons where bizarre creatures can be found in abundance. Regardless of your experience let us show you the highlights of what the magnificent ocean realm has to offer’.

Ben Stokes, DSA Owner


Small Group Snorkel & Overland Safaris

Choose your dates and locations. Contact our team to create your own tailor made snorkelling adventure on 0117 369 0443 or email us and we’ll get back to you with more ideas.