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Our photography tours are run in a similar style to all our small group safaris, so one can expect the same fabulous itineraries offering some of the finest diving in the Asia-Pacific region, great company and only the best resorts, with the added bonus of having a professional underwater photography teacher as a tour guide.

These tours are aimed at any underwater photography enthusiast, regardless of experience level or type of equipment used. The tour leader will give short talks and demonstrations on various subjects throughout the tour, and help participants capture better shots possible, edit them and generally improve their knowledge and skills.

These tours are planned so that participants will have an opportunity to experiment with different types of photography, including macro, wide angle and land-based. The itineraries include spectacular reefs in destinations known for both critter and big fish diving, and include land based exploration too, to give people the chance to photograph wildlife and/or architecture, portraits and scenic landscapes.

Our resident photography tour guide is Paul “Duxy” Duxfield.
Duxy, as he is more commonly known, has been involved in the world of photography since he was a teenager. Over the years though he has developed the knack of translating what can often seem bewildering to the beginner into easy digestible chunks. Delivered with humour and many anecdotes!

He started in diving in the early 90’s and worked as a dive guide in Egypt after which he combined his skills as a diver with his love of photography and started working in specialist underwater photography retail for nearly ten years. Over the past 20 years he has lead over 40 overseas tours and helped demystify the subject for many, writing for the diving press and delivering lectures at clubs and dive shows alongside his day job.

His trips also became a haven for all types of divers whether interested in photography or not, as his easy relaxed style of running a trip appealed to all comers. He’s as happy dealing with someones GoPro, iPhone or compact camera issues as he is with those shooting with high end underwater photography kit.

Duxy also believes that good trip photography shouldn’t just go on below the waves as it would be a crime not to shoot some of the stunning topside photo opportunities encountered on a typical trip. He loves the quirkier side of marine biology too and has a couple of new talks up his sleeve looking at the fascinating world that us divers regularly encounter.