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We like to think Palau as the quintessential diver’s destination. This is where everything comes together; from big fish and varied topography to spectacular reef systems and stunning diversity of marine life. In terms of what’s below the surface expect beautiful walls, plateaus and colourful coral gardens, each and every dive offers something different.
Dive sites around Palau are spectacularly fishy with sharks making for very common sightings as well as many different types of pelagic species.
Dive sites like Blue Corner have earned legendary status amongst diving fanatics. Arguably one the world’s premier warm water locations just about anything can show up from large rays, sharks, wahoo, dog tooth tuna and more.
The ambient lighting created by The Blue Holes will appeal to photographers of all ability whilst German Channel is a hot spot for manta encounters. Passing the scattered jungle entrenched islands on the way from Koror to the dive sites is an experience in itself. This really is the stuff of diver’s dreams.

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