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South East Asia and the Pacific undoubtedly offers some of the world’s premier SCUBA diving destinations, with some of the healthiest and most bio-diverse reefs in the world. The region also offers spectacular landscapes, culturally rich and diverse people and interesting and beautiful historical sites.
The wildlife in this region is diverse and fascinating with some unique habitats like virgin jungle divided by meandering rivers, Jurassic looking hills on uninhabited islands and several species endemic to the region. The cities are bustling, combining, in some cases, modern commerce and architecture with cultural, religious and archeologically significant sites.
Whatever your interests, we can tailor-make an itinerary just for you…. Relax on a riverboat surrounded by jungle, and spot proboscis monkeys, wild orangutans and hornbills or explore an ancient city by bicycle, see where the famed “Flores Man” nicknamed the hobbit was found; visit stunning volcanic crater lakes or see the Ramayana Ballet complete with ornate costumes.
We feel traveling to the region without exploring some of the top-side wonders is rather a shame, and have put together some short yet awesome land extensions one can add on to virtually any diving trip in the area.

Land tours and extentions

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