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Widely regarded as the pinnacle of Asian diving there are few locations on Earth which parallel Raja Ampat for sheer diversity of marine life. This is reef diving perfection combined with awe inspiring congregations of fish life and truly stunning topside vistas. Our frequent visits to Raja Ampat consistently offer something new and exciting to discover, which in turn keeps us coming back time and time again.
Diving in Raja Ampat is best divided into north and south with the former offering masses of schooling fish and adrenaline-fuelled drift diving, whereas southern reefs tend to be more placid and arguably more picturesque. Wherever you end up you will be finely rewarded by the beauty that diving in Raja Ampat can provide.
Comprised of over 1500 islands Raja Ampat covers a vast area, with the four major island groups of Misool, Salawarti, Batanta and Waigeo offering an array of marine habitats including fringing reefs, rich coral gardens, bommies and slopes.
The Dampier Strait channels nutrient-rich waters from deep ocean currents which in turn attracts huge numbers of schooling fish – horse eye jacks, barracuda and marauding sharks are all frequently sighted, a number of world class sites are easily accessible from Sorido Bay Resort.
Further south the topography is perhaps even more diverse with sea mounts and pinnacles blanketed in colourful soft corals and giant gorgonian fans. Boo Windows dive site offers photographers an impressive backdrop and is easily reached from Misool Eco Resort. There are also a few manta cleaning stations in both the northern and southern regions.

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