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Kalimantan, the name given to the Indonesian part Borneo, is a little-explored adventurer’s dream destination.

The east coast offers some of the world’s best diving, around the islands of Sangalaki, Maratura, Kakaban and Nabucco. The area is known for beautiful reefs, proliferation of manta rays and other large pelagic marine creatures, as well as green turtle nesting grounds. There is also a wonderful lake at Kakaban which has a huge population of sting-less jelly fish living in it- which is fabulous to snorkel.

The main island of Borneo, third largest island in the world, is mostly covered in lush rain forest disturbed only by rivers flowing through it. There is a fantastic orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation center (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation)./ Here visitors can spend a couple of nights in a comfortable resort built from recycled materials, trek in the jungle, view orangutans and learn how to rebuild and preserve the forest habitat.

Kalimantan also has some large rivers. We recommend guests spend a night on a local Klotok boat. Here one can see proboscis monkeys, orangutans , macaques, leopards and over 250 species of bird, in their natural habitat.

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