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Alor is one of Indonesia’s last frontiers. Previously difficult to access due to a lack of infrastructure, this archipelago is largely unspoiled. Now several airlines offer flights from major Indonesian cities via Kupang.


The main islands are Alor and Pantar, and between them is a strait of world class diving. Locals have never used destructive fishing practices like cyanide or dynamite, so the reef is in its virgin condition.


Diving around Alor is characterised by warm clear waters, untouched reef systems consisting of fields of corals, sponges and anemones of all colours and marine biodiversity second to none. With schooling jacks and tuna, giant groupers and Napoleon wrasse, common sightings of eagle rays, hammerhead and thresher sharks, and an occasional mola-mola or whale, the diving is exciting.


Alor also holds a reputation for world-class muck diving. One can find all manner of rare and interesting critter in the muddy volcanic sediment and coral rubble. Some favourites include Rhinophias, devil fish, sea moths, a variety of rare crabs and shrimps, unusual nudibranchs and many types of pipefish and seahorses.

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